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Studio BoomWehmeyer was founded by the Dutch/German duo Judith van den Boom and Gunter Wehmeyer. With their background in design/crafts, critical/societal design BoomWehmeyer focusses on new perspectives through material, strategy and education. They work for a broad range of clients, collaborate with international studios and are close connected in the international design/craft academy field by being head product design at the Academy of Art & Design, Arnhem (NL). Their work has been featured international in books and exhibitions, for example a solo show in Brooklyn, New York and Shanghai and showcasing at the DesignMiami/Basel fair, the London Design Festival and others.  

The founders have been actively working in China since 2004 and hosted their studio from Shanghai and Jingdezhen. BoomWehmeyer´s work in China marks their design ethos to craft consciousness to inspire people using design as a tool to experiment and develop new awareness.

BoomWehmeyer’s work focusses on opening up and enabling a different consciousness on how we place ourself in our localities and use design to forage new material exploring, education learning and design strategy. BoomWehmeyer works together with a variety of international partners, academies and institutes to explore a different perspective by designing around society, culture and craftsmanship.

Many projects are grounded in BoomWehmeyer’s belief to embed learning, nature and makership as core ingredient in their practice and keep focus on creating a  bridge between the academy, society and the practice. Their work ethos “Crafting Consciousness” manifests this approach to connect learning, design research and makership to enable a different awareness by design.



Judith Wehmeyer van den Boom, studied Product Design BA in the Netherlands and received her Master from the Royal College of Art in London. Her methods of, design, research and initiatives are inspired by her approach as practical idealist. Her curiosity and discourse in design have brought her work in a context of cultures and collaborations. For Judith design is a communicative process, enabling new paradigm in material and mindsets. The relations between material explorations, designing awareness and activating a new systems and collaborations on design education fuel in her work in Europe and extensively in China.

Next to BoomWehmeyer Judith is  Head of Product Design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem (NL) and manifests her passion for the work field through a range of activities such as lecturing, facilitating workshops, panels and jurywork, initiating education programs and tutoring on topics of consciousness and the discourse of what design and crafts.

Education Consciousness, Conversationalist, Foraging Connections, Awareness Activator,  Hands-on, Re-phrase educator, Porcelain Explorer, Design Consciousness, Bridge builder, Design Activist, Process Transformer.




Gunter Wehmeyer is a born Landscape-Urbanist, Gunter has 10 years work experience in China and U.A.E on urban/social/strategy projects redefining the essence of design for social innovation and sustainability. He cofounded Studio BoomWehmeyer and is currently working on a new emergent/transitional design enterprises shaping people instead of products.  His detailed focus on the big picture developed by working with various large international firms and driven his collaborative visions across diversity, inconsistency and ambiguity.Through his background as Dipl.Ing. Urban Design following with his executive MBA Sustainability Management / Collaboration Management in Germany, his strengths lies in the strategy of being different and creating shared values towards the hybridization of business and design.

Gunter’s focus is on the research, meaning and implementations of initiating more sustainable ways of living and develop, debate and co-design approaches that enables the locality to become its own creative force. Expanding and creating new strategies by design that can make a real impact on people’s lives.

Enterprise Consciousness,Synergy Connector, Social Innovation, Urban Explorer, System listener, Big Picture-Thinker, Purpose seeker, Analyzer, In-between Sensei, Detailed Perfectionist, Knowledge Generator.