» Slowlab / Slow Campus Oberlin

A big group of students from various design related disciplines and their two faculty members Susan and Don from Oberlin College (USA) came to have a two intense work weeks in Amsterdam based at Lloyds hotel who gave all public space for interaction. The weeks were set up with full program learning and working the principles of slow design as how slowLab has defined them.

The program was lead and facilitated by Carolyn Strauss from Slowlab and joined by Judith van den Boom, Aafke van Essen & Alastair Fuad-Luke. On program were lots of visits to related projects and meeting Dutch design students from Judith’s teaching at Artez academy as well as a visit to Buttefly Works studio in Amsterdam. Also talks hosted by designers like Ed van Hinte at the Lloyd hotel and a visit to the Time Foundation set up by Louis Le Roy

It was exciting to see and sense a cultural exchange in discussion and looking into the deeper needs and views on design and environment. Meeting the other, reflect and revisit to expand the possibilities of sustainable participation.  These 2 weeks Exchange of ideas and meeting the other are fundament for a great attitude for change