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Do we understand the real meaning of speed when we only accelerate higher? When we reach a point where human, mental and environmental fatigue is being interpreted as inefficient ? Speed is solely a quality, a noun to our development. How did speed become a pronoun, being set to its outcome and not our interpretation?


Examine the rapidity around you, initiate new rhythms and accelerate into a new balance. Reconsider pace towards society, resources, infrastructures and activate your perception into new layers of humanity. Slowing down doesn’t mean directly taking everything at a different speed but viewing different with a other perspective and activating new solutions and bringing a new awareness and start a different paradigm in the way we think about our homes and communities. A lot of housing in China get’s build with a five to ten year span to then be replaced again, these homes do not perform well in maintenance and often show the first signs of breakdown within 12 months. Poorly-designed houses make your daily life more difficult and raise so many questions about what the meaning of home or a future community should anticipate to be.

We all understand the sensitivity of time compared to our body and surroundings but what happens when we activate different paces to direct fresh understandings of living together. Creating different strategies with quality of speed that are effective for humanity.

Samenleving(*) ; a higher quality of life through refined activity and dialogue. The processes of slowness are vital and can involve creating open source data and holding DIY workshops in order to foster collaboration, build skills and stimulate conversations about local issues that holistically support communities to develop their skills and cultural heritage in a future that embraces a shift and designs new ways of living and renews community life.

* Samenleving; the Dutch word for society, a aggregate of people living together. Literate meaning Together-(samen) Living-(leving) where the meaning presses onto the Togetherness.

Slow China is a co-research project hosted by BoomWehmeyer who are on regular base in China to accelerate the conversation around slowness. Through dialogues and research BoomWehmeyer investigates how design can develop a fresh sustainable pace of life. Working in a fast transition country the dialogue will be formed on the sharp side to meet new design hybrids with their conversationalists. Active debaters to stimulate, encourage and support a framework for design innovation. Slow China will conclude in a layout to activate future projects and a publication written by BoomWehmeyer and dialogue participants.

Working with the Motion of Things, please email us when you like to receive more information on this ongoing program and it’s activities.


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