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Re:Wire Project

We have started this project from a personal design concern with the experiences and relationships we build up in China. We can’t neglect the responsibilities we have as designers, to act and re-act with our surroundings. Activating innovative solutions that go beyond creating products and skins for our cities. Now we are challenging ourselves and others with setting up the Re:Wire project with diverse subjects and activities to connect, re-connect and bring together new solutions for design work.

27 July 2009 _ Birmingham

Opening of exhibition Taking Time with participation of our Re_wire China work through the book City Fabric and photographs selection. Touring exhibition throughout 2009 / 2010 in UK.

21 August 2009 _ Amsterdam

Guest at SlowLab evening presentation, subjects of our Re:wire project and China work in relation to Re-thinking Communities. 19.00 at Platform 21 Amsterdam.

27 July 2009 _ Shanghai

Evening presentation by Boomwehmeyer on project Re:Wire with intern work project presentation by Marianne Meijer from 7pm onwards at the [studio] in Julu lu, Shanghai. Please contact for more information.


RE:Wire is a research program set up to establish a new design mentality through divers re-wire activities, such as social design workshops on design tools with factory workers, real-time project lab with students, community innovation program, interviews, co-authors and design workshops. These activities are connected to each other and set out to search for new depths in design collaboration, Inter linking new possibilities and perceptions through  personal, cultural and activated engagement.

This project is starting from a place where rapid change is on daily agenda and relations between people’s notion and personal capabilities are wired up. In China, a place with large shifts exist on personal, urban and economic level. The growing complexity of our world creates a withdraw into a personal micro-localities of own space, needs and understanding. Here in China but also back home in the Netherlands and Germany we bring back people and connections on a social and connectivity level to re-think our design relationships.

Through real time and diverse activities on the different topics within Re:Wire program we work with participating factory workers,creatives, local people, students, design interns.The project itself will become verbal and visual to the audience through exhibitions, talks and  book publication.

The project is wrapped out in several phases throughout 2009 & 2010 and involves different participants from China, UK,  Netherlands and Germany.The RE:Wire project participants and BoomWehmeyer work together to set up a more sustaining program to keep meeting each others needs and collaborate for the coming future. Also this summer Marianne Meijer joined our studio, a design student connected to our team from Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem with her creative input. She will be working in summer school program on several briefs and topics and conducting her own research about Rewire.

The project is set out in several stages and subjects. Some parts of the project will be design research, processing and be visually presented to public in exhibitions, open talks, dialogues with select audiences and diverse other activities.