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Re-thinking design

A new term this 2010 with teaching at Artez Academy in Arnhem NL. This period we have been researching into bringing design into a new perspective of engaging with its function, space, public on a location outside the daily academy structure.

The teaching series on Re-thinking design this time was focussed on Marking & Engaging in new ways, new perspectives connected to personal interpretations with a group of enthusiast product design students from Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem. The work the students did was participating with a Slowlab project in the Lloyd Hotel. The serie was set around a diversity of research, contact, on location investigation and lectures by Carolyn F Strauss from Slowlab. 


Actively re-thinking about the layers of meaning and relationship in a given object or setting. This project offered students the opportunity to really research into certain aspects of the Lloyd environment, to expand understandings and participation with that thing, and in some cases to develop physical objects to further demonstrated that expanded relationship. The ‘tag’ aspect directly challenged to imagine all the potential expressions of the thing; in other words, an old chair from the hotel’s past is not just an object for sitting, but is imbued with stories and can be mapped in direct physical relationship to other historical details in the hotel, etc. It also asks them to look for ways to communicate that to the public and invite participation from others.

Students could move into research lloyds ecology and developing physical objects that further demonstrate / mark and stimulate that expanded relationship. Thinking deeper about products, spaces, history, context, motion all in the theme of Marking & Engaging.

‘Slow Lloyd’ is an invitation to engage the many, complex layers that make up the Lloyd- not only the current offerings of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, but also the personal, social and creative movements that have unfolded within and around this unique location, and continue to do so today.

During the past year, slowLab invited a diverse collective of designers, artists, social and environmental innovators, and students to apply a range of creative and technical approaches to the Slow-ing of the Lloyd.

Thanks for the enthusiasm of Product Design Artez, in specially to the group that helped exhibiting their projects and the great work that Carolyn Strauss is doing for Slowlab.

For more information visit Slowlab website

Re-thinking design

Re-thinking design