» Move beyond your Borders

Move beyond your Borders

Learning to move beyond your borders, beyond what you know to create a new perspective that influences new relational design concepts. In a compact class series second year students are moving and working with/beyond their mindsets, ideas and design practices by experimenting and creating new insights within their design work.

Move beyond your borders

The new term teaching at Artez Product design was woven around the theme “Move beyond your Borders!”

With the work you do as an designer you make a ripple, you created something that moves, something that goes beyond your personal action, better said the known ripple effect. As a designer it’s good to be aware you create for others, in regard to your products, your vision or concepts. Design isn’t as autonomous as people make it believe, you can share your thinking and perspectives through your work, you can create a motion in someones life by a small experience, a personal fascination , compelling associations or just by a simple reaction. Move beyond your borders is about activating this positive ripple effect that your work and ideation can have on others. Think beyond yourself..

The students went through an processes of mapping, on the street collecting and through this analyzing themselves and their work drive around design and created series on personal concepts / design that inspired a positive action to the user. this set in layers of experience, social, user or community. Thanks to Butterfly Works for their contributions and a wonderful presentation !