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Knotted series

During a series of material brainstorms and try outs between Judith van den Boom and Sharon Geschiere a series of playful designs appeared. Judith and Sharon were experimenting with the fluidity of rubber tubes, creating large and small forms. This all happened in Jingdezhen, China where the moment of brainstorms could quickly be experienced in porcelain forms.

The products in porcelain contain the rubber fluidity and became a series of vases with the intriguing form flow. They are produced in try out selection but are currently also produced through a design shop into a new series of  3 larger sizes and colors, please contact for more information.

Fluid shape, form and glazes form with the soft and rough sand textures covering the skins of knotted vases.

Strong through simplicity!

Ceramics knotted vases are grey black and white sand glazed, 15x15x10cm, waterproof with set-up edition of 30 pieces and have been featured in a variety of int. design magazines.