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Creative Ingredients

Workshop series Creative Ingredients 创造性因素的研讨会, Tangshan in ’09 -’12 as part of larger social design research.The workshop is being part of the RE_WIRE design project where trough real-time projects change is activated through new ways of practicing. The workshop project Creative Ingredients project is connected to a larger project “Rewire Relations_China edition” that we are developing over the period ’09/’12. The project is about rewiring new ways of relation, understanding and working so we can transform with a bottom up approach what social and design innovation can mean for our work and daily life.

The Creative Ingredients is a series of workshops based at Tangshan manufactory. Where design work tools are involved into the work & thinking world of the manufactory people. Creative Ingredients Workshops are created for new ways of working in manufactory grounds, where design tools and work ways are processed with the local makers and business.

Connecting each others experience, knowledge and intelligence together to open up for future new work ways. Manufacturing can become much more then a merely physical outcome but bring a new quality out , building new fundaments for the local sustainable community. Creating quality through for and with the people.

A new human profit on the work floor by inserting a new sustaining balance in the processes of manufacturing. Bringing a different quality and connection into the manufacturing processes by using the internal and local knowledge. New models for production that benefit the work people and local community in a social sustainable way. Opening up through design tool projects the traditional, non transparent processes and relations between designer and makers We can create new relations to each other where we not only influence the work we do but also how we understand and work through our daily and future life.

To be able to open up the traditional ways of manufacturing work, we need to understand the traditional role patterns , profit and behaviors. Placing conversation between the participants to bridge the differences of knowledge and interaction and create a mutual profit and approach that connects cultural, social and work patterns. The workshop would possible flow out in different sessions, to build up a trust, a practice and processing news ways of working. Making new ways of working your own and being mentored through a process by having direct and personal relations with the people who are involved. In our work and project we believe strongly in coaching each other to grow and create a better quality.

Non Automatic work Brainstorming Social Change Mind Mapping Personal Associations Continental Culture Access Brainstorm theme Food Cultural customs Bridging your thoughts Group strength Self-Expressions Evolve your Ideas Openness Step by step / bottom up approach Learning Confidence Stimulate Expression Belief in your Intuition Trace personal expression Encounter the other

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